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Is there any travel agency that customize tours in Philippines?

Hi Im planning a trip to beijing and shanghai, and I want to add to the trip is nepal, bhutan and tibet bec, its a near country in china. I just would like to know if this tour is possible or is there any travel agency that customize tours?Is there any travel agency that customize tours in Philippines?MTT Tours and Travel is a young and complete destination management agency, established by a group of people with years of collective travel experience with a passion to innovate and improve the travel services to its best. Our combine positive work ethics enables us to offer our clients the best experience one can imagine. As Bohol Inbound Tour is our forte, we specialize in package tours and tailor made holidays for groups and individual travelers for which we offer wide range of specially designed tour packages. At MTT Tours and Travel, we are committed in offering you a complete understanding of the destination. Our dependable %26amp; efficient quality conscious team, combine personal experiences with client needs to offer the best service. We are confident to say - we show the best of Bohol and the Philippines with an unforgettable experience which you can never imagine.

What is the maximum speed that a 1000kg car can travel over a hill with a vertical curvature of 30m?

What is the maximum speed that a 1000kg car can travel over a hill with a vertical curvature of 30m? This is a centripetal motion problem. Help anyone?What is the maximum speed that a 1000kg car can travel over a hill with a vertical curvature of 30m?The data is insufficient or we have to work with some assumption

Imagine a car speeding over a circular profiled hill

At any point on the hill we have two components of the wt of the car which can be worked out - one perpendicular to the earth surface and one at a direction which is tangent to the circular profile.

[(the tangential component either helps the car if car is on downward path or acts in opp direction if it moves upward to highest point of circle (or peak of hill)]

Except at the highest point where we have only a vertical component acting downwards along gravity.

in absence of locational data we assume your question related to the position at highest point

Now we centripetal force to the gravitational force on the car

or mv^2/r = mg

(1000) (v^2)/ 30 = (1000) (9.8)

v = 鈭?.8 鈭?30 m/s = (7鈭? ) (18/5) km/h = 61.72 km/hrWhat is the maximum speed that a 1000kg car can travel over a hill with a vertical curvature of 30m?No more than 35,i guess.

What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?

Hi, could anybody tell me, Or give me a link to a photo of what a uk to cuba travel plug looks like, as im struggling to find the right kind, before i buy any.

Many Thanks.What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?Here is a site with all the plug possibilities for each country. It seems you may need several for Cuba, as they have many different formats depending on where you stay.What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?
Sorry, none of the plugs used in both countries are common. Definitely, you will need plug adapters.

You will not be able to use your electrical aparatus using a simple plug adapter. You will need neither an transformer or an elevator.

I found this info here:

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What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?Another good resource for info is

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It helps to say what sort of places you are planning to stay. Casas particulares are normally the two parallel flat blades. (110v).

Hotels may be different.

PS Cuba is much safer than Mexico.What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?A bloody long one at a guess. go without travelling more fun!What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?
The best plan would be to get an adapter, available in many outlets and certainly at airports.鈥?/a>
a flat 2 pin plug (the same as what they use in America)What kind of travel plug do i need from uk to cuba?
hello i am going next saturady i have bought these plugs they will work in cuba and there not that expensive either鈥?/a>

hope this helps you.

ps if this item is to end before you have chance to buy it check out the sellers other items as they have them on all the time

when are you traveling?

i cant wait
Go somewhere nicer like Mexico, much better and safer.

I am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?

I have heard wonderfu lthings about YTB and was leaning that way and then someone mentioned to me about GTI {Global Travel International.} Obviously I want to get with a reputible company that I can succeed with. GTI did provide a BBB Report to be seen. Anyone have any imput on these comapnies? I need help to make a decision! Thank you all in advance!I am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?Hi Niki, YTB Is A Well Established, 7 Yr Old, Debt Free, Publicly Traded Company With A Guaranteed, Bonded Copywritten Compensation Plan That Increases Every Year, 28th Largest Travel Agency..11th In Leisure Travel, Revenue Growth 177%..$141 Million %26amp; Continuing To Grow Strongly..Over 300,00 People..150,000 Who Are Agents, Up Over 150% From Jan 2007. (60,000 Agents)

Received The Highest Awards 3 Years In A Row From Carnival Cruise Lines..On November 8th, 2007 Booked Over 12,000 Cruises In One Day! In January 2005, Received The Platium Award From Apple Vacations, Was Voted One Of The Top 500 Franchise Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, In "SUCCESS FROM HOME MAGAZINE" Twice.. All 128 Pages Of The January 2008 Issue %26amp; In All 130 Pages Of The January 2007 Issue, Approved By The Direct Sellers Association. (DSA) %26amp; In Other Press Releases 73 Times..Most Receint..Today..4/17/08, In Every State, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas, Opening In Other Countries Later This Year. Global Travel Pays Less Commissions %26amp; Does Not Give You A Check Until You Earn $50. With YTB You Receive..25 Web Sites, Pays You Many Different Ways..Even At $10. You Can Also Start For Free As A Rep, Receive Health Benefits %26amp; Earn More Income Get Paid Sooner!! See The YTB Support Information Group Established To Help People Become Successful: http://www.yourtravelbizinfogroup.comI am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?I have worked with Global Travel International ( GTI ) for a few years now I have made decent money doing so. When ever i needed help in marketing myself as a travel agent they were there to provide me with valuable resources. The one major thing about GTI is that IT IS NOT multilevel marketing where as YTB is... With YTB the only way you are going to make any money is by having people under you which screams scam. Where as with Global Travel International you are the travel agent making money not anyone under you or over you. I would check out the source provided below for more information and use their chat feature to help obtain more information.I am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?Hello,

My name is Cassandra Lane. I'm not here to spam, convince, or lure you, but as a YTB travel agent I got offended with your last answerer's response. With YTB, yes there is recruiting involved but that is INDEED not the only way to success with this business. Truth be told, I have made more $$$ with travel sales than with the recruits I have. I am happy with your decision to become a successfull entrepreneur, no matter which company you end up signing with. Best to you.I am looking to become a travel agent, anyone heard anything about Global Travel International?
I have worked with both companies in the past and have since decided to continue with GTI. YTB is also a good company but last year they lost their IATAN and IATA status meaning they were no longer recognized by two of the largest governing bodies of the travel industry. Also from my research, GTI has better pricing and vacation packages. It seems that they work with more of the supplier and give you more choices compared to YTB which seems to be limited to only a few air and cruise companies. This Christmas I booked a trip with GTI for 7 of us to go on a family cruise. We had a great time on the Carnival Cruise and I traveled for free since my commission or cash back from booking the other trips was greater than the cost of my ticket. I've always had great experiences whenever working with GTI and would recommend them to anyone who is motivated to become a travel agent.
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  • What is the travel allowance of a US senator?

    I would like to know what the yearly travel allowance is for a US senator? I have heard figures of around $1,000,000 a year and I would like to see some sources so I can have proof of this.What is the travel allowance of a US senator?I believe it's $6200/year max for commuting from Washington DC to their district plus they can get reimbursed for attending organizational conferences. They have an allowance for office expenses including rent and staff salaries of about $1 million/year.The information is in this pdf鈥?/a>

    What is the best way to travel to Algeria?

    From the USA to Algeria. I suppose you have to fly. Should you fly to Europe (Madrid or Paris) and travel south to Africa by land or fly directly on the few airlines that fly to Algeria? I need advice from someone who has traveled there before. I am on a very very low budget. Thanks!What is the best way to travel to Algeria?You can go to Canada by road then catch the flight directly Canada-Algeria or yeah you can do USA-France (Marseille) then since you have a low budget make it by a boat to Algeria.

    Good luck nd nice trip.What is the best way to travel to Algeria?
    I've been to Algeria many times and i've just been going from maryland to paris to algeria

    but there are other people who go to london(or somewhere nearby), and then algeria

    i guess just from the usa, its better to fly to somewhere in europe first and then to algeria

    and as for costs you just have to time it right; i'm not really the one in my family to book the flights, but i hear its really expensive around the summer and the winter...vacation times

    but if its not a problem for you then i suggest going when its not "tourist season"What is the best way to travel to Algeria?I have travelled to Algeria 3 times already but i live in Toronto,Canada so here are the three diffrent ways I travelled to Algeria:

    1, Toronto-Montreal with air Canada then Montreal-Morocco with Royal

    Air Maroc then Morocco-Algeria with Air Algerie

    2. Toronto-Rome Air Canada then Rome-Algeria with Air Italia

    3. Toronto-Paris with Air Canada then Paris-Algeria with Air France

    I must say # 3 was the easiest trip and was the best in customer service now what u can also do is is take a plane to Marseille,France and from there take a boat to Algeria

    Since it isnt high season the prices should be a lot lower then they are in summer and i only went during summer and the tickets were about 1 400 $ what you could do is give your e-mail to Traveling agencies and tell them to send u e-mails only about promotions to Algeria and they do give pretty good deals on these promotions

    but one piece of advice i would give u is to take two competing travelling agencies and call one of them and ask for their price and then call the other and tell them the price company "x" gave u they'll autimatically give u a better price and u call company "x " again and tell them the price company "y" gave u and so on

    hope this helps and trust me u wont regret visiting Algeria its a gorgeous country with lots of history and many things to offer

    if u have any questions dont hesitate to send me a msgWhat is the best way to travel to Algeria?
    Connecting flights will probably be the easiest way. I have gone via Marseilles in France no problems at all. That was when all direct flights where full, and it was pretty straight forward. Marseille a small airport and was very quiet when I was there, had drink a read of a paper and we where off again.

    Hope you enjoy Algeria.What is the best way to travel to Algeria?by an aircraft

    What is the best place to travel to in America?

    I am 17 years old and traveling (hoping to) travel with a coworker my age. My mother has limited us to America and I was just wondering what would be the best city to go to.

    We want to have an adventure! We want to change our lives for betterWhat is the best place to travel to in America?Consider visiting New Orleans. NOLA is one of the world's special places with an ambience unique in North America, and remains so even after Katrina devastated it in 2005.

    Katrina flooded about 80% of New Orleans with salt water, and the water stayed for almost a month. Much of the city is still struggling to recover and all you have to do to see devastation is drive around. It will take years for NOLA to fully recover from Katrina.

    However, the parts of the city that tourists usually visit were not flooded. It's not a coincidence - the French Quarter and other old parts of the city were built on relatively high ground and only suffered wind damage from Katrina. Almost all of the damage has been repaired and you have to look closely in the FQ and city center to see that Katrina happened at all. You should visit and see for yourself.

    You can drink the water, the electricity %26amp; phones work, and services like the post office, hospitals, schools, police/fire/EMS, and stores %26amp; shopping centers are operating.

    Municipal services like street cleaning %26amp; trash collection collapsed after Katrina and that is why you may see answers warning about the “smelly” or "dirty" French Quarter. Those services were fully restored in late 2006 and it is no longer an issue.

    I recommend staying in the French Quarter (Vieux Carre") if you can. There is a very wide range of selections available, from moderate guest houses to very exclusive "boutique" hotels. Search Yahoo Travel and Travelocity for ideas + check the hotel websites.

    You don't need a car to get around in the French Quarter, Central Business District, or Warehouse District. Also, the parking regulations are Byzantine and there are lots of Parking Control Agents. If you drive or rent a car, leave it in a lot or garage unless you are traveling away from downtown.

    The regional transit authority ( sells 1 and 3 day passes that offer unlimited use of buses and streetcars for the day(s) you select. There are also lots of taxicabs.

    Regarding crime, use the same common sense you need in every major city in the world and there is little chance you will be a victim of anything except a need to visit the gym: Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay away from anywhere dark %26amp; deserted. Pay attention to your feelings - if anyone or anywhere gives you a bad feeling, leave the area. Don't leave something like a camera-bag or backpack unattended on a park bench while you wander off to take photos. Etc.

    New Orleans has mild weather from October to May and the city stays green all year most years (rarely freezes and almost never snows). Summers are hot %26amp; humid, particularly in July and August - take it easy or stick to indoor activities during the middle of the day at that time of year. The good news for summer visitors is that hotel prices are usually lower.

    Things to do:

    There are many sightseeing opportunities in the greater New Orleans area, including carriage rides/tours, plantation tours, swamp tours, ghost tours, and even Katrina disaster tours. The steamboat Natchez also does a harbor tour. There are numerous tour companies and your hotel can help with the arrangements. Try to avoid scheduling an outdoor tour until you know the weather forecast for the day in question.

    There is always music, but the bands change: Go to and click on Music then Listings or to and click on Listings, then Music.

    Wander around the French Quarter, enjoy the architecture, watch the street entertainers (do tip), and visit some of the historic buildings that have been turned into museums (go to and click on Historic Attractions).

    Assuming the weather is good, you can collect a sandwich lunch and eat in the riverfront park (watch the shipping) or in Jackson Square (a very nice park).

    The Riverwalk shopping center has an air-conditioned food court with dining overlooking the river (

    The lobby for the Wyndham Canal Place is on the 11th floor and overlooks the French Quarter. It is a great place for an afternoon drink/snack:…

    Cafe du Monde is in the French Quarter and you shouldn't miss having cafe au lait %26amp; beignets ( Another great coffee shop is the Croissant d'Or (at 615 Ursulines Street), which is open from 7:00am to 2:00pm and has food other than pastry.

    The Palm Court restaurant is very nice, has moderate prices, and traditional live jazz starting at 8:00pm: 1204 Decatur Street, tel 504-525-0200 (reservations are important and they are not open every day).

    All of the famous restaurants (Antoine's, Arnaud's, Commander's Palace, etc.) have reopened. Reservations are a good idea, and probably essential on weekends.

    Cafe Degas is a very French restaurant near City Park at 3127 Esplanade - which is not within walking distance of downtown (5 to 10 minutes by taxi). They are closed on Mondays %26amp; Tuesdays (504-945-5635).

    There is a free ferry across the Mississippi at the "foot" of Canal Street. It is a short trip but like a harbor cruise w/o a guide:…

    The Aquarium and Audubon Zoo are world-class attractions ( and you should see them if you can. There is a shuttle boat (not free) between the Aquarium (which is next to the French Quarter) and the Zoo (which is several miles away). You can also drive to the Zoo (which has free parking) or take public transit from the French Quarter.

    The Louisiana State Museum ( is in the French Quarter. New Orleans is also home to a number of other museums, such as the National World War II Museum ( and the New Orleans Museum of Art ( Both can be reached by public transit: The WWII museum is in the central business district but a long walk from the French Quarter. NOMA is not within walking distance of downtown but has free parking.

    New Orleans City Park has an amusement park with rides and attractions for children + free parking:

    Check for ideas on other things to do.

    I live and work in NOLA and you are welcome to write to me if you would like more information. I don't work in the travel, tourism, or real estate fields so won't try to sell anything to you.

    Hope you have a good visit, wherever you go!What is the best place to travel to in America?
    Dat is some essay!

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    What is the best place to travel to in America?It depends on what you want to see or do. If you want mountains, Oregon or Colorado. If you want to go to the ocean, anywhere on the coast is good.

    I recommend Minnesota, the nice view and big lakes are great for any vacation.What is the best place to travel to in America?
    America is really big its impossible to convey any particular place. you might just browse some online pics and make a choice and then come back again to see something else.What is the best place to travel to in America?I loved Miami and The Keys, America is so diverse it just depends on what you are looking for. xWhat is the best place to travel to in America?
    there is a place in North Caroline called Nags Head City they have beautiful beaches there and a great radio station called Dixie 105.7 a guy I know works there named Randy Gill he is great for helping people find things to do there in there city and they have lots of Radio contest
    If you want to change your lives for the better, consider doing a volunteer vacation. Through various programs, you can help other people that are in need, learn something about yourself, and feel a sense of reward. You could help Habitat for Humanity, Katrina Victims Aid, etc. You might start by doing some research to see what is available in the US.